LAST LOVE - The Single



If contemporary feminist acuity impaled the deck to lull and roar all together “I am not here to be your mother, I am not your teacher,”  Hallberg’s “Last Love” is an ode to one’s own time. This time she cuts a mischievous long finger to self-realization in the full glory of independence.

- NYS Music


With the lyrics and music crafted by Helena Hallberg, Last Love unapologetically reinforces the immutable choice of refusing to waste love on someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Through all troubled and happy times, sticking to your roots and knowing yourself well enough to realize when someone isn’t worth the trouble always prevails.  Last Love is the anthem of standing up for yourself when it comes to intimate relationships with someone who doesn’t quite deserve you, backed by the punchy sound and unforgivable lyrics.

Interview with Indie Music Discovery

How is the release of “Last Love” different from previous ones? Were you trying to accomplish anything specific?

“Last Love” is definitely an embrace of process. Not just the song itself, which talks about letting go of things that don’t serve you, but just in its creation.

With my last EP “Blind”, I was so fixated on having this clean result, and “Last Love” was more about the process. Feeling the thing, writing about it, and then getting to play with a bunch of awesome musicians about it. It’s been a really cool process, and I know I’m always going to be more grateful and focused on my process from now on, as opposed to the result.