Born to Swedish parents in picturesque Zurich, Switzerland, Helena Hallberg's journey as an artist is as unique and diverse as her background.

Drawing inspiration from Folk,Jazz, and Pop, she seamlessly combines these elements to create a musical tapestry,exploring themes of mental health, female empowerment, and multiculturalism.


Originally trained as a jazz vocalist, Hallberg's musical path took a fascinating turn when she fell in love with American folk music and the traditional instruments that accompany it. With her beloved Appalachian dulcimer, Henrietta, in hand, Hallberg brings this age-old instrument into the 21st century, spinning enchanting melodies into the fabric of her songs. “I know some people have millions of streams on Spotify, but I’ve convinced at least seven people to buy a dulcimer, so that’s pretty good in mybook,”

she says with a laugh.


In March 2024, Hallberg released her debut album EPITHET. Recorded at the iconic Power Station at BerkleeNYC in New York City and recorded by an all-female production team comprising of Hallberg, Mary Bragg, and Gloria Kaba, EPITHET promises to be a musical journey like no other. It’s a transformative adventure through the captivating landscapes of her music and storytelling.


Drawing inspiration from iconic artists likeABBA and Joni Mitchell, Hallberg connects the nostalgic sounds of the 70s with the contemporary production elements of today. EPITHET delves into Hallberg’s own experiences of growing up in three different cultures, breaking free from comfort and conformity in pursuit of authenticity and impact.

It's a heartfelt dedication to the winding roads she has traveled as a thirdculture kid, as a woman, and as a songwriter. EPITHET serves as a call to action forthose in search of a bolder, braver, and more authentic life. It’s a delicate yet powerfultestament to empowerment, the pursuit of purpose, and the art of positive resistance.

It encourages us to face life's challenges head-on, extending ourselves the grace to confront them and emerge stronger than ever. Hallberg's songs are universal, and their catchiness is sure to leave you humming for weeks on end.

EPITHET is more than just an album; it's a reflection of the human experience, a narrative of the obstacles we all encounter on our path to something better. Each track offers a fresh perspective on the adventure of life, with its stumbles, failures, lessons, growth, and unwavering perseverance.