2019 Fred Ebb Workshop


Pictures from the 2019 Musical in Development workshop, courtesy of the Fred Ebb Foundation.

written by Will Reynolds and Eric Price

dir. Sammi Cannold / chor. Emily Maltby / md. Cynthia Meng


last love




After recording "Blind" two years ago, I've come to a point where it's time for my next recording adventure!


I'm headed to the Taylor Roig Recording Studio and I'll be accompanied by some of the most awesome musicians in New York!


I'll be updating here with more info, so stay tuned!


Lovewell: teaching kids about musical theatre


This year, I've gotten involved in an incredible organization called Lovewell Institute of the Creative Arts.


Lovewell Institute has spent the past twenty-five plus years developing and refining a unique arts education curriculum into an effective professional training methodology. The Lovewell Method is an applied arts education philosophy. Experience has taught us that the highest learning curve is achieved in direct proportion to the student’s level of motivation. This is one of the fundamental ideals of our process, and one of the tangible reasons for the success of our programs. The Lovewell Method has evolved into a pedagogy built on Authentic Experience and Cognitive Thinking. Here we will briefly illustrate to you what Lovewell is, what Lovewell does, and how Lovewell does it.


Be sure to check out the Lovewell community here!


Ever since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of having my own CD. This year I decided to make that happen! We have launched an IndieGoGo campaign for my debut EP "Blind"

Check it out!



Past projects

Tirana 2015

I was fortunate to have the chance to join a group of talented musicians on a music project in Tirana, Albania.

Tirana, a run-down city of approx. 1 million people, is a charming mix of old soviet infrastructure mixed with an assortment of neon signs.

We had the opportunity of working with Fatos and Valin Qerimaj, two musicians who are truly a part of Albanian culture. They taught us about traditional Albanian music and even though we were definitely put out of our comfort zone at times, the experience and the end result turned out to be a mix of sentimental melodies and fun up-beat rhythms!

We had an amazing time.