Helena Hallberg is a Swiss/Swedish composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and band leader based in New York City.


Artistically, Hallberg has been described as a chameleon. From her early days as a solo artist in Europe, she’s since gone on to write music for projects ranging from jazz to musical theatre, 

composing on a variety of different instruments ranging from ukulele to the Appalachian dulcimer. Her versatility is accompanied by her knack for storytelling and writing lines that will leave you humming for weeks.


In 2018, The Heathens were born. A force of musical nature, this 7-piece backing band elevates Hallberg’s work to a level that has to be experienced live. Having most recently played venues like The Knitting Factory, The Bitter End and Silvana Harlem, The Heathens are set to conquer the world, one heathenish show at a time.